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See GALAXY QUEST. I've not laughed so hard for years!!

If you like Sci-Fi its an absolute treasure! Plenty of 'in' jokes for those who have attended conventions.

Other very good recent films: 5th Element, Armageddon.

Why Armageddon? Deep Impact was released at the same time and most of the critics I've seen preferred. it. Nonsense -- Armageddon is still worth watching after this time. I think the science and the reason and the logic was much better in Armageddon than Deep Impact. One of the routine problems with the asteroid films is that they always bring in some unknown science or technology to solve the problem (silly things like military lasers hidden in orbit of the like). 

Deep Impact does this -- by requiring the Nerva Engine for powering the shuttle towards the asteroid. Problem is that the Nerva design (by some sci-fi authors including Niven I think) is a nuclear powered motor, basically dropping little hbombs behind the ship and detonating them rapidly for the thrust. Problem is that in the current atmosphere such development in the US would be completely impossible. Even if the race were at risk, nuclear propulsion would never get off the ground. They said in the film it was developed in Russia but that does not get around the fact that the Russians likely could not develop such technology nor have they had any motivation to do so.

Armageddon by the way has only a 'military' version of the shuttle (quite likely I think) sitting on top of big propulsion units, and using the slingshot effect to position the shuttles. Also they did send TWO of them and I surely wouldn't send just one (as did Deep Impact) and go 'ah well' when something trivial blows it up!.

Fifth Element? I loved it. A hauntingly beatiful sound track. And a serious FRENCH film by the director Luc Besson who has made some of my all time favorite films. (The Professional, Subway (with Christopher Lambert), and La Femme Nikita). Bruce Willis was wonderful as the cab driver/ space hero. And I loved Chris Tucker as Ruby Rhod. Wonderful mixture of comedy, high farce, and impressive action.  
Chris Tucker is known to you all more recently from Rush Hour with Jackie Chan. Truly a gifted comic!


Small points but from a scientific aspect I think Armageddon is vastly the more probable film!