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I have run across a LOT of unusual Internet sites, and I'll pass some of them along for your perusal! And frankly this tells you quite about about my tastes. Ah well, here goes!

Just click on the site to visit it.



Political Sites -- for the junkie in all of us!

 ALL POLITICS - The CNN/Time site. LOTS of useful information! News and constant political coverage.
The Smoking Gun - Lots of scandal related documentation. The Ramsey case features prominently as well as lots on Our Challenged President!
The Skeleton Closet - A compendium (far from complete) on political scandals. These folks collect dirt on EVERYONE.

For those interested in the permanent campaign: There are some wonderful parody sites of the candidates:

Since I'm not a fan of AlGore (or Clinton) I'll list the gore sites!


For a general political site, I strongly recomend

Slate - A Microsoft owned political discussion/reporting site. VERY GOOD!


Weird sites -- take care. Some of these can be offensive!

 - Most unusual!

CapitolHillBlue - a odd 'patriotic' site


I admit it, I'm a Sci-Fi fan. Always have been. Here are some of my favorite Sci-Fi links.

Babylon 5 -- my FAVORITE Sci-Fi Show (sad what happened to Crusade though) The Lurkers Guide is an excellent introduction.
Our Last Best Hope -- lots of info on Sci-Fi shows. Rather decent site.

Computer related sites... check these out!

NO Intel Secrets -- Lots of information Intel didn't want you to know!

Tom's hardware -- an excellent review and discussion site on hardware issues