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CDB Systems is the oldest independent Computer Dealer in the State (as far as I know!) - we've been dealing with computers since 1978 -- long before the IBM PC was invented!
Call us at 303-444-7071 for ANY computer needs!

We are small (and proud of it) and specialize in customer support -- something you just can't get at the chain stores. We are open SEVEN DAYS a week, and are available from 9am to 6pm on Weekdays and 10-3 on the weekends. (Actually, we're often around and respond outside of these hours if needed! Call us at 303-444-7071!)

We are true generalists in the computer field. We build 3 classes of computers - Very good new ones much better than you can get elsewhere, Cheap new ones (similar to what you get elsewhere) and good used ones - with a 6 month warranty. We also install networks, design web sites, build Internet servers, do custom programming.

We also do REPAIRS! We can fix virtually ANY monitor, fax machine,calculator, typewriter or printer out there - and we even do TVs and Stereos!.
There is virtually NO problem that we can't handle!