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What sets us apart from other computer stores:

At CDB Systems, you'll not find a lot of things that you find at our competitors:

No sales people in suits and ties.

No sales pressure, no canned 'solutions' which happen to be what's piled up in the back room.

No 'technical support' given by folks who know less about computers than you do.

What you WILL find at our store:

A very DIFFERENT atmosphere -- our store has a turtle in our display case, various adorable dogs, and a wonderful collection of Hobbit marionettes!

Friendly, helpful knowledgeable people -- who can help you whatever your needs. And who will spend the time to try and find out what is right for YOUR needs!
Whether you need a cheap upgrade, a good used computer or a blazing new speed demon, you'll get the attention you need to help you decide what's right for you.

Support on the phone or at our store, 7 days a week!
Even if you bought a 50 cent part, we'll help you out as fully as we are able! And what other store do you know where the owner will readily give out his home phone?

People who will talk to you and help you even AFTER we have your money! (unlike a lot of other places who would just as soon not talk to you anymore unless its to get some more of your money!)

In other words - a very old fashioned store. Where service and support are what we live by. Our store doesn't advertise hardly at all -- we depend most of all on word of mouth from our many customers -- and friends. Part of dealing with us is spreading our name around!