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Information on Linux!

We've been building quite a few Linux systems recently - even including a system for NCAR (The National Center for Atmospheric Research). We are a Red Hat Partner and can preinstall Linux on any of the systems that we build.

We tend to specialize in higher end systems for Linux because you want the underlying hardware to be as solid and stable as possible - as our Linux systems typically run for months or years without a reboot (My main server has run for over 3 years 24hours a day with not a single crash!) and have been building system with the AMD K6 and K7 cpu boxes.

One nice thing about Linux is that the basic kernel contains support for a LOT of hardware - without the necessity of a 'plug and play' run-time binding of the drivers (as happens with Windows). So you can move Linux kernels between different computers as long as the fundamental hardware is the same (same video, scsi controllers and the like). Often when you change the motherboard out from under Windows, its like the old parlour trick where you pull out the tablecloth without disturbing the silverware and plates! Sometimes it works - but many times you end up with all the plates on the floor. Not so with Linux

We are currently constructing a site called Linux-HQ where we will collect lots of Linux-related information for our customers (and anyone else) to browse!