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Our Used Laptop Specials!

All of our laptops come with six month warranties!
Dell Inspiron 7500. 450Mhz PIII Cpu, 15" Active Matrix.
Toshiba Portege 3020CT. 10.4" SUPERLIGHT w/floppy, 6gb
Sony 505SX 12" Ultralight w/floppy 64mb,6gb
Dell Latitude CP 233Mhz 12" active 1024x768, 4gb, 64mb
Dell Latitude CP 166Mhz CPU 12" Active 4gb IDE,64mb

Our Current System Specials: Updated: 08/10/01


A 633Mhz CeleronMMX CPU with:

64mb of memory,
12-20gb Hard drive, 48x CD Rom drive
1.44 Floppy, Sound card + Speakers
15 " SuperVGA Monitor
101 Key keyboard and Mouse
56k V.90 Modem
10/100 Network card
1 year warranty.

FCC B Approved System for home or office

ALL for $595!!!

Our KILLER System (Using the Athlons - Fastest Chips out!)

A 1.4 Mhz Athlon K7 CPU
Chaintech or FIC Motherboard
128mb of Memory
12-20gb Hard drive, 48x CD Rom drive
1.44 Floppy, Sound card + Speakers
15" SuperVGA Monitor
101 Key Keyboard and Mouse
56k V.90 Modem
2 years warranty (3 years on the monitor)

FCC B Approved System for home or office

All for $995

Office Professional on CD ---- $195
30gb hard drive add ---- $75
128mb memory add ---- $95
CD Rewriteable drive (24x4x4) add --- $225


We will register your domain name and build
an 8 page website for you -- including digital
pictures as appropriate.

ALL for $300!!!


We can host your site for $15 per month on our
own servers... and we can arrange dial-up access
for $17.95-$19.95 depending on the plan you
select (with a local ISP)

Give us a call at 444-7071 if you have any other