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We are looking for local Boulder/Longmont people to partake in a test of an online sales system I've developed. The system works basically like this:
You sign up and when we approve you, you will be given a list of phone numbers to call, and the information to give the person whos number you've called. You simply read the 'script' as its called and various clicks will record the progress and results of the call. The system will keep track of all calls made automatically and these results. Any queries will be forwarded to us for follow up. You will be paid (structure being considered now, and believe me YOUR input would be greatly appreciated) according to calls made, and results obtained.
The benifits are that you can make these calls at your own pace. In your own home, on your own schedule. And if you turn into a super sales-type we may want you to have a more 'normal' position at our store!

If you are interested, simply email me at cdb@cdbsystems.com and tell me! Tell me a little bit about yourself and your goals and interest in this program. I will also have several OTHER firms interested in testing this approach out! So you might make one call for us (computer related) and the next for one of these other companies. 

We will be paying for participation, and you might find helping us out to be VERY benificial for both of us, particularly if you have any computer related needs!

Anyway, I'm hoping to hear from a number of you! Thanks!